Physical Education

St. Mary School

Physical Education Program

Physical activity plays an important role in the basic development

of a child's brain and intellect. Scientific evidence supports the link

between mastering basic motor skills and the development of the brain.

There is a positive relationship between being physically fit and

academically fit. All children should be able to participate in a variety

of exercise and sports related activities regardless of their athletic or skill abilities.

   St. Mary's Physical Education Program will be activity-oriented.

Each grade level will be presented with developmentally appropriate

motor· movement skill challenges and experiences that encourage an

interest in physical accomplishment rather than competitive sports. Our

program will focus on fitness, skill building, rhythm and dance activities

with an emphasis on total involvement.

All classes will use age appropriate equipment, activities and

games. All children will be involved on an equal basis and as always

cooperation and sportsmanship will be stressed. All students will be .

expected to try all new activities with a good attitude and be on their

best behavior as Christ has taught us.

             In order to help provide optimum safety during your child's

Physical Education experience, it is requested that all students wear

athletic shoes and a PE uniform is required in grades Fifth through Eighth.

Because of the many activities the children will be

participating in, they will be less likely to cause stress injuries to their

growing feet, ankles and legs when wearing the proper shoes.