Activites & League Champs

Throughout the school year the different classes will be participating in a cornucopia of team based activities. Not all will be highlighted, however, many of the sports will have leagues where the win/loss records will be accumulated and a tournament will be held. Enjoy photos from the winning teams!!! Main objectives for these activities/leagues are to foster team work and develop positive sportsmanship in a safe and friendly environment while working towards a common goal. 

5th Hockey Champs

8th Hockey Champs

8th Grade is all finished with Ultimate 3 Ball Soccer - champs below

5th Grade wrapped up 2 Ball Zone Soccer in a deciding Game 3! Banner to be hung in the rafters later.

6th Indoor Hockey Champ

5th Indoor Hockey Champ

2017-2018 Campaign
8th Grade Champs!!!

5th Grade Champs!!!

5th Grade Champs!!!

Sometimes it's fun for students/parents to look back and see how much the student has grown. So here are some victors from years past ...

4th Grade Ultimate Indoor Capture the Flag Champs

4th Grade Ultimate 3 Ball Soccer Champs