Motor Development


St. Mary's School

Motor Development Program

    There are many advantages to physical activity during childhood.

Aerobic activity helps to improve circulation and helps regulate blood

pressure. Physical activity produces not only physiological but

psychological benefits to children, as well as adults. Research has proven

exercise aids concentration and mental aptitude in children. All children

should be able to participate in a variety of exercise and sports related

activities regardless of their athletic or skill abilities.

   St. Mary's Motor Development Program is a fun, safe, effective, and offers a

balanced exercise plan. It develops and refines agility, balance and

coordination skills, basic sports which are team and non-team based are implemented, and provides a

fun non-competitive format so that every child can achieve equally and increase self-confidence. Our

program concentrates on promoting improved balance skills, loco-motor skills,

non-locomotor skills, body and spatial awareness, and gross visual motor skills.

   The class uses age appropriate games, activities, and equipment. All

the children are involved on an equal basis. We use a variety

of small hand equipment for each child, such as hula hoops, jump ropes,

beanbags and playground balls. Cooperation and sportsmanship are always

stressed! The class is divided in half or thirds and each meet twice a week for instruction.

   In order to help provide optimum safety during your child's Motor

Development experience, it is requested that all students wear athletic

shoes because of the many activities in which the children will be participating.

They will be less likely to cause injuries to their growing feet, ankles,

and legs when wearing the proper shoes.