Awesome Action Videos

Please take a look at the many different activities students participate in by viewing the videos - more to come!!

8th Volleyball

8th Volleyball

TK 4 Ball Soccer

TK 4 Ball Soccer

TK Soccer - FIRST TIME!!!

TK Soccer

3rd Snatch

3rd Snatch

4th Broom Ball Part 2

4th Broom Part 2

4th Broom Ball

4th Broom

TK working on bowling skills

TK MD Bowling

1st playing Silent Dynamite on a rainy day

1st Silent Dynamite

1st playing Swamp Ball in PE for the first time

1st Swamp Ball

TK Relay Block Build

TK Relay Block Build

4th Grade showing us all how to play Sprout Ball

4th Sprout Ball "Sprouts"

Rainy Day Fun in 3rd - Silent Dynamite

Silent Dynamite

2nd demonstrating how to 'Clean Your Room."

2nd Clean Your Room

First time TK has really experienced GoNoodle - Great effort by all

TK GoNoodle

This is the first time ever, 1st Grade has played 3 Ball Soccer - a SMS fav!

1st 3 Ball Soccer

K playing Blue Ball Red Ball Freeze Unfreeze Tag

K Freeze Tag Game

1st 3 Team Noodle Ball

Videos from 2017-18

6th Pickle Ball

3rd Pinball Dodgeball

3rd Swamp Ball Version 2

6v7 DR DR

5th Indoor Hockey